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Ladybug Nursery

Ladybug Nursery & Beyond quilt book from Four Corners Designs - Select image to enlarge
FC 2303

Marty Walker is an award-winning quilter, former quilt shop owner, designer & grandmother. Putting all her skills together, she has created the darling Ladybug Nursery that grows up with baby. Marty's idea is to extend the life of quilted treasures by offering matching quilts & accessories for the older child.  Go from the nursery shown on front cover to the big kid's room shown on the back with this quilt book.

Ladybug Nursery includes the Ladybug Nursery Crib Set (40" square baby quilt, bumper pads, crib overskirt, ruffled crib skirt & fitted crib sheet), Ladybug Nursery Accessories (22" x 25" Pocket quilt, burp pad, door hanger, receiving blanket & growth chart), Window Dressing Valances, Nap & Lap Quilt (53" x 63") & Tooth Fairy Pillow as well as twin size patterns for bed as your child is "Growing Up".  Select any image to enlarge.

Ladybug Baby Quilt from Ladybug Nursery quilt book
Baby Quilt
40" square

Tooth Fairy Pillow from Ladybug Nursery quilt book
Tooth Fairy Pillow
10.5" square

Ladybug Pocket Quilt from Ladybug Nursery quilt book
Pocket Quilt
22" x 25"

Ladybug Door Hangers from Ladybug Nursery quilt book
Door Hangers
5.5" x 8.5"

Ladybug Growth Chart from Ladybug Nursery quilt book
Growth Chart
22" x 34"

Bumper Pads & Receiving Blanket from Ladybug Nursery book
Bumper Pads
Receiving Blanket

Ladybug Nap & Lap Quilt from Ladybug Nursery quilt book
Nap & Lap Quilt
53" x 63"

Ladybug Twin Quilt from Ladybug Nursery quilt book
Twin Quilt
61" x 89"

Ladybug Nursery converted into a big kid's room!
From Nursery to
Big Kid's Room!